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With the uptick in real estate my wife and I wanted to move to a different area of San Jose for a bigger house...that was until my family and I found Sunshine school. This school and it's program and teachers have made it really hard for us to want to leave the Berryessa Area. I do not believe we would be able to find this type of nurturing loving and learning environment elsewhere in San Jose. Good job sunshine school. A+!

Benjamin C.

My son attended Sunshine at Vinci Park site. We chose this preschool because it's bilingual and close to home. He was there for more than a year and enjoyed the time at school with the teachers and little buddies, also learned a few phrases in English. He had to leave the school only because we moved to a different city. The Vinci Park site is located within an elementary school. The site itself is not large, but it has everything my son needed to play and learn. We usually went to the playground of the elementary school after picking him up, really convenient especially in Summer when the daytime is longer. The teachers took care of my son and I could always see his happy face when I was at the door for pickup. He'll definitely miss his dear teachers: Ms. Emily, Ms. Cai, Ms. Summer, Ms. Anna, Mr. Andy, and Mr. James!

Alan P.

This is definitely a lovely place to go! Highly recommend if you're looking for a daycare facility for your toddler or preschooler (even baby). They have 4 locations in Berryessa area. My family loves the nurturing environment that Sunshine School provides to our 2 years old son. As busy working parents, finding a right childcare is incredibly important. That's why we chose and recommend Sunshine, a safe, reliable and professional childcare that our kid loves to go everyday. Their program is very organized and well planned. The director Ms. Emma at Sierra Location where my son's going is very caring and shared many useful tips as we confronted different parenting challenges. My son's teachers, Mrs. Vivian and Mrs. Mary, both are gentle and very patient with younger children. Now our second baby just turned 7-month, and we can't wait to put him in Sunshine when he's ready. Highly Recommend you to check out!

Dongdong C.

This is a great daycare for kids. My daughter went here for close to 4 years and my son has been going for about 2 years. They started at the Halgrim location and then moved up to the Sierra location, and both teachers have been wonderful! I'm not one of those parents that has the patience to teach ABC's and numbers and colors to my kids at home because I am just not good with kids. But this school did a good job preparing her for elementary school. She learned numbers, letters, how to cut and paste, body parts, opposites and all kinds of stuff from this school. The teachers take the time to build an actual rapport with your child and they do an amazing job at teaching kids academically, as well as good behavior such as washing hands, sharing, being nice, ect. I am very happy to have sent my kid here!

Diana M.

My two kids are in Sunshine School for almost two years (almost two years for my daughter, one year for my little son). The teachers at Sunshine are full of love towards children. They host two meals, having noon nap time, and also two academic sessions everyday [art and science, since my kids bring two pieces of homeworks] They learned a lot everyday and I can see their progress and independence getting better and better. I will recommend Sunshine to everyone, but yes, they are pretty popular so make sure you queue up quick. Thank you Sunshine for taking great care to my kids, hope I can give six stars.

Yan Y.

Our 5 year old little girl had just come from China last September. She can't speak English, it is quite difficult to find a right daycare for her. My friend told me about Sunshine that have bi-language teaching, suggest us to have a try. Sunshine had Chinese lessons, telling story ,singing songs to be more exact, and English ones in the afternoon. I also let her to attend the reading class which teach the pronunciation well. 9 months past, my little girl can tell story in English (ignoring grammar mistakes of course:) with lots of nice words.

Sunshine school also held parties in holidays. My little girl was taught to dance that she love to dance so much now, once there is music, she will dance, no matter well or not ,she was really happy when she do so.

Our little girl will go to the kindergarten this Aug , after nearly one year in Sunshine School , she get ready to take the first step to the Elementary school. Thanks to all nice teachers in Sunshine School.

Fena S.

We sent our 2 sons to Sunshine school until they went to Kindergarten. We were very happy with our experience. If we had another child to send to them, we'd be happy to.

Our first son, started at age 2 at Sunshine preschool. Previously, he had been taken care of by a nanny. Sunshine School helped a lot in undoing some bad habits he had learned there. The teachers were patient and helped him learn good values, manners and discipline, apart from knowledge.

Since we were happy with the care he received, we sent our 2nd boy to their infant care facility at the Emerald location, starting at 3 months old. Our 2nd boy then continued with Sunshine preschool after he was age 2. At the infant care and the preschool, they provided food for the children, which was often home cooked meals at the infant care. There was more than 1 person taking care of each small group of kids at all times. They were read to, and played with.

Sunshine did most of the work of potty training both of our children. We moved out of the immediate area, but kept our children at Sunshine due to the quality of care the kids got there. Spending extra time to commute back to North San Jose was worth it since we didn't think we'd find a better bi-lingual pre-school for our boys. We also know of another family that moved near us that regretted taking their kids out of Sunshine and then sent them back after a few months.

We will always fondly remember Sunshine School and are grateful for quality care that the teachers at Vinci Park pre-school and Emerald infant care provided.

Sunyi C.

We have a three years old daughter and a three months old son. Last year was crazy! We tried daycares, nannies, and neighbors, but everytime, it turns out to be a nightmare. Some daycares are plain scary, neighbors have their own problems, and nannies have so many personal issues. We were even debating about who should take on a part time job just to solve our baby sitting concerns. With the second child on the way, we need to solve this once for all. Along came Sunshine School! - We enrolled our daughter at Sierra location. They have six locations, so check their website for the one most convenient to you. The staff are wonderful and have genuine love for the children. The program is divided by age groups, and classes are thought in English and Chinese Mandarin. There are over 50 childrens at Sierra, and all teachers know every children by name. They even know most of parents by name. If they don't, like in my husband's case, they will greet him with "How are you, Katherine's dad?". You can see they have a special connection with each child and each family. I heard Halgrim and Emerald locations offer infant program now. I will be enrolling my son soon.

Cindy L.

My English is poor, so I write short and quick. Sunshine is very good school. Boss is friendly and always smiling. Teachers are patient and have loving hearts. Students are happy and learn many things. We love Sunshine very much.


Sorry, my Chinese did not show right. I have my son translate.

Dear Sunshine School, We are so happy to attend this year's graduation ceremony. Teachers and students show were beautiful. I enjoyed the show with tears in my eyes. My grand daughter is doing very well at the school. When I take her to the school, she is happy. When I take her home, she tells me of what she learned and who she played with. We are very happy to have her in Sunshine.

Kimi S.

I pick up my niece and nephew from here sometimes and they just LOVE the program. I am constantly amazed about all their activities regarding academics and sports. These kids are learning new things everyday from their extra curricular activities as well as all the friends they made at Sunshine. My niece is taking Clay Art, Western Drawing, and dance classes. My nephew is taking soccer, marshall arts (in the summer), and Western drawing. They both also attend in the summer, and have even more fun with the field trips and swimming classes. On top of all that, the two have also improved academically in school with the help of Sunshine's very dedicated staffs.

Philip T.

My son has been in Sunshine pre-school since he was one and half year old. By now he has been there for seven months. So far everything has been good. He is very happy in the school. When I drop him off in the morning, he can immediately get into the environment and start to play. The teachers there have been very friendly. If your kids need special cares for food, drink, etc., just tell them and they will try to accommodate. I think my son will continue going to Sunshine school until he is ready for elementary school.

J C.