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Summer 2024 now available!

At Sunshine School, we take immense pride in nurturing young minds and fostering a bright future for every child.

With a legacy dating back to 1998, our commitment to excellence in education has only grown stronger. With six strategically located campuses, we're here to better serve our valued clients, ensuring accessibility and convenience for families across our communities. From our infant and toddler programs, right through preschool, transitional kindergarten, after school, and captivating summer programs, we provide a comprehensive educational journey that sparks curiosity and ignites a lifelong love for learning.

At Sunshine School, we're not just a school; we're a family, dedicated to shaping the next generation of confident, creative, and compassionate leaders. Join us on this exciting educational adventure, where every child's potential shines brilliantly!

Infant & Toddler Program

(2 Months to 2 Years Old)
Sunshine School's Infant and Toddler Program is a haven of care, comfort, and early childhood development.

We understand that these precious early years are the building blocks of a child's future, and we take that responsibility to heart. Our nurturing environment, experienced caregivers, and age-appropriate activities create a safe and stimulating space for your little one to thrive. From cuddles to first steps, every milestone is celebrated with love and encouragement. Our program focuses on nurturing social, emotional, and cognitive development, ensuring that your child's foundation is strong and secure. At Sunshine School, we're not just caregivers; we're partners in your child's journey, providing a supportive and enriching start to a lifetime of learning and growth. Join us, and let's create a bright and promising future for your little one, one joyful step at a time.

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Holidays Infant & Toddler Holidays 2024

Time Activities
8:30am Welcome families! Indoor Free Play: Social Interaction, Receptive and Expressive Language Skills, Motor Development, Reading, Collaboration, Imagination, Exploration.
9:30am Clean Up and Wash Hands
9:45am Breakfast Time
10:15am Engaging Circle and Activity Time: Develop Listening, Stories, Songs, Numbers, Basic Skills, and Puzzle Play with Fun Instruction.
10:35am Change Diaper
10:45am Outside play(if weather permits)
11:15am Wash hands
11:30am Lunch time
12:15pm Change Diaper
12:30pm Ready to sleep and nap time
3:30pm Wake up
3:45pm Afternoon Snack
4:15pm Change Diaper
4:30pm Circle time and activity time: following directions, stories and songs, numbers, basic skill building, play puzzle
4:50pm Outside play(if weather permits)
5:45pm Preparation for parents Pick-up Time

Pre-School Program

(2 to 5 years old)
Sunshine School's Preschool Program is where the magic of early childhood education truly comes to life.

Our dedicated team of educators understands the importance of these foundational years, and we're committed to nurturing young minds in a warm, stimulating environment. With a curriculum designed to ignite curiosity, encourage creativity, and build essential social skills, we guide our little learners on a journey of discovery. From hands-on activities to imaginative play and interactive lessons, our preschoolers thrive as they prepare for the exciting adventure of kindergarten and beyond. At Sunshine School, we celebrate each child's unique potential and provide the solid educational foundation they need to succeed in school and life. Join us in creating a bright and promising future for your child through our exceptional Preschool Program.

Program forms Description
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Holidays Preschool Holidays 2024

Time Activities
8:30am Arrival, Free Play (Social Skills, Manipulative play)
9:30am Morning Snack
  • Circle Time
  • Music & Movement (ribbon dance, instruments play, etc)
  • Stories (books, props, puppets)
  • Language (teaching English and Mandarin)
  • Number, Alphabet, Colors and Shapes
  • Games
  • Physical Education: kicking and throwing the ball, jumping over the blocks, parachute play, rolling and exercising.
10:30am Art and Craft
  • Juice
  • Water Play and field trip in Summer
  • Outside Play (neighborhood walk or bye-bye buggy ride every Friday if the weather permits.)
12:00pm Lunch
  • Toys free exploration
  • Chinese Tiger Educational Program
1:00pm Nap time
3:30pm Wake up, free play, and get ready for afternoon snack
4:00pm Children above 2 years and nine month participates on cognitive skill practice
4:30pm Afternoon Snack
  • Dough Play
  • Block Play
  • Stickers, puzzles, manipulative toys for eye-hand coordination, felt board, dramatic Play
5:30pm Free Play, Outdoor, or Educational Video
6:00pm Preparation for parents Pick-up Time

After School Program

(TK to 8th grade)
Our After School Program is a place where young minds continue to flourish long after the school bell rings.

It's a vibrant, nurturing environment where learning takes on a fun and engaging twist. Here, children embark on a journey of discovery, exploring their interests, honing their skills, and forming lasting friendships. We offer a diverse range of enriching activities, from sports, arts and crafts to STEM projects, all designed to inspire curiosity and personal growth. Moreover, we provide invaluable homework assistance, creating a seamless bridge between school and home. Our team is here to support students in their academic endeavors, ensuring they grasp their assignments and reinforcing essential study habits. Our After School Program is not just a place to stay; it's a place to thrive, to become well-rounded individuals ready to take on the world. Join us and let your child's potential shine brightly in our caring and inspiring community.

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Brochure After School Color Brochure
Schedule Kinder After School Kinder Daily Schedule
Schedule 1st-8th After School 1st-8th Grader Daily Schedule
Extra Curricular After School Extra Curricular Schedule
Holidays After School Holidays 2024

Summer Program

(TK to 8th grade)
Sunshine School's Summer Program is where unforgettable memories and meaningful learning experiences come together.

Our program is designed to make every summer a season of discovery, growth, and pure enjoyment for your child. With a dynamic blend of engaging activities, outdoor adventures, creative arts, and exciting STEM projects, we ensure that the sunny days are filled with excitement and learning. Our experienced and caring staff provide a safe, nurturing environment where children can explore, make new friends, and build lasting memories. Whether it's a captivating science experiment, a thrilling outdoor excursion, or an imaginative art project, every moment at Sunshine School's Summer Program is an opportunity for your child to shine and grow. Join us for a summer of fun, laughter, and limitless possibilities!

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