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About Us

Sunshine School is a bi-lingual (Chinese and English) pre-school, after school and summer camp dedicated to increase your children's inspiration, creativity, ability to express, and desire to discover new possibilities.

We have been in service since 1998 providing high quality programs and activities for children age 2 months old to 8th Grade. Our programming and supportive environment encourage children to participate in activities and experiences planned to benefit them cognitively, emotionally, physically, and socially.

Special emphasis is placed on establishing a child's self-esteem and confidence. We do this by designing our programs to cover a wide range of age-appropriate activities that foster our core character values: caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. Sunshine is simply a great place for bright minds with bright future.

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After attending our youngest daughter's pre-school graduation at Sunshine School, I felt compelled to write a review about this school that has been home away from home for our three children. Our quest for the perfect pre-school started when my mother-in-law decided to move back to Taiwan. She has taken good care of our first daughter, and the main request she had before going abroad is to make sure her granddaughter learn Chinese. My husband and I visited several immersion bi-lingual English and Chinese Mandarin schools near home and near our work places but couldn't agree on a center where both of us felt comfortable. Luckily, our neighbor recommended Sunshine School. We were comfortable from the start because the teachers know what they were doing and have genuine love for children. I love it when children are greeted with a beautiful smile and a big hug to start the day. We were instructed to accompany our daughter for three half days to help her adapt to the environment. We were comfortable leaving her full time after the first half day. Our daughter always come home excited to share things she had learned and whom she had played with. It wasn't long before my husband started to tease me about how much better our daughter's Chinese was better than mine.

Our daughter graduated from Sunshine Pre-School after attending it for two years. Initially we were planning to send her to private school for Kindergarten, but when we found out that Sunshine School also offer after school program at Ruskin Elementary School, we decided to try the public school system instead. We are glad we did. We are proud that our daughter is an outstanding student who does well academically, emotionally, physically and socially. Since both my husband and I work, we are so happy that Sunshine After School is right on Ruskin campus. It provides homework assistance and many valuable enrichment activities. We had her signed up for soccer, dance, Chinese language, Chinese drawing, Chinese calligraphy, and Swimming during summer. Just imagine how many trips I will have to do if I were to pick up and drop her off for all of these activities.

As our daughter attends Kindergarten at Ruskin Elementary School and after school program at Sunshine School, it was time to enroll our son at Sunshine Pre-School. This time we didn't have to visit any other centers. Our daughter has already opened the path for her little brother to follow.

Today, As I see my youngest daughter walk down the aisle with her blue gown, blue cap and little diploma on her hand, it dawn on me that we have completed three generations at Sunshine Pre-School. We are grateful and blessed to have our children grow under the safety and guidance of Sunshine School. It has definitely made our life more manageable. We are done with pre-school. Now, onward to Sunshine After School.

Destina D.

I have been part of the Sunshine family for 9 years and counting. My three boys started their journey the summer before Kindergarten. My two older boys attended after school all through elementary school and all summers up until entering 8th grade. My middle still attends in the summer and my youngest is now attending after school and summer. They have all taken Sunshine transportation services. I have never had to worry about my children being picked up timely from school and transported to Sunshine. My older boys had 1/2 day Kindergarten so Sunshine would feed them lunch and snack. Their first year, they spent more time at Sunshine than they did at Elementary School. Sunshine has them complete their homework every day so that when they come home from Sunshine, I don't have to worry about it. It has set the foundation that during distance learning, my older boys worked independently without me micromanaging them. Also, when they reached middle school and I no longer used the after school program, the years at Sunshine has built the foundation that they know to come home right after school and do their homework without any prompting from me. Sunshine also has them do workbooks in reading and math one school year ahead. This has built the foundation that now my oldest son is able to take Year 2 High School math at high school as an incoming freshman so he can start Freshman year in Year 3 math. It is a 22 day program and he's exceeding and I believe it's the years he spent at Sunshine that prepared him for this. For the summer program, the field trips are so much fun. I have referred many family and friends to Sunshine over the years for either after school and summer programs. They also offer free Mandarin classes. My youngest has thrived on this and speaks so well with the accent. This has been the best investment for my children. The Sunshine staff is very professional, friendly and helpful. I remain good friends with the office staff and many of the teachers even after they have left Sunshine to pursue their careers in other fields.

Rosalind W.

We love Sunshine school. Sunshine has several locations for kids in different age group. It also has an after school right next to Ruskin Elemantary. The owners are very helpful and friendly. In addition, they are very very good at selecting loving caring teachers. My kid love going to school there. The teachers are not there for a job, they really love and care for your kids. Sunshine preschool creates a postive environment and many enrichment classes such as dance, art, sport for your kids to enjoy. There is also Halloween party and an annual talent show, where your kids get to perform and show their talenst. At the same time, they also can learn both Chinese and English. The tuition is very affordable. Overall, this is a well-run, excellent school. I highly recommand this school to any parents.

Sarah H.

My 2.5 year old son has been attending Sunshine school for almost a year now. Specifically, he attends the Berryessa location off Halgrim. It is the 3rd daycare he has attended and probably the last because we LOVE it here, and aren't planning on leaving.

One of my pre-requisites in looking for daycare other than proper childcare, was Mandarin speaking teachers. I speak 75% Chinese to him at home with my limited Chinglish, but having the teachers at Sunshine school reinforce the language has really helped him immensely with his Chinese speaking abilities. At 2.5 years, even my mom who is a Chinese school teacher, says he has advanced language skills!

There are 4 staff members at Halgrim. Teacher Chen is wonderful and she is so sweet to my son, as well as all the other kids there. She always gives him a kiss after school before he leaves for the day. I think it's so adorable! Lily Ah Yi, Zhou Ah Yi and Nai Nai are the other caretakers at this location, and they are ALL wonderful! My son is happy going to school every morning and he is well taken care of. You really can't ask for anything more.

Amy C.

I love Sunshine preschool! Compared to a lot of preschool/daycare I have walked through with my daughter, Sunshine is the only place that no matter what time of day you pop in, the teachers are always smiling and hands on with the kids. Even the director or person in charge, Emma, is actively working with the children. I've been to other schools and most of the directors just sit in their office. This place show great dedication in caring for little kids and they do it with a smile.

This place DOES NOT charge you $100 application fee. Hours of 8:30-6:00. I like that they serve my daughter lunch and snacks so I don't have to worry about packing food for her and she eats the same thing as other kids. They make sure to put sunblock on your child before letting them play outdoor. They also teach Chinese which is a plus. They sing, dance, and learn. I even noticed that it doesn't matter what class your child is in, every teacher seem to notice you and your child. I would walk in not knowing where my daughter is, and a teacher from another class will point to me "she's outside."

We have found a great fit for our girl. It's important to have kids learn to be independent and well disciplined but I also find it more important for kids to have fun while learning at the toddler age and Sunshine fulfill.

Krissy T.