Greetings Sunshine Family,

This is your Week 1 Newsletter for the Sunshine Summer Program! Our theme for the first week is S.T.E.M! During this week, students will be engaging in activities and crafts revolving around Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. We hope you are all as excited as we are to start the Sunshine Summer Program on Monday, June 10th

Just a friendly reminder that our Summer Program is located at Vinci Park Elementary for Weeks 1 to 8.


Below are some important reminders and information for families to read over. 


Be sure to bookmark our Summer 2024 Gallery for photos throughout the summer program! 

Thank you for your cooperation and staying updated with the Sunshine School newsletter!

                                                                       Field Trip


  • Kindergarten to 2nd Graders will be going to the Discovery Museum on Friday, June 14th. These students must arrive at Sunshine School by 8:45am on this day. Students will arrive back to Sunshine School around 1:00PM. 

  • 3rd Graders & up will be going to the Tech Museum on Friday, June 14th. These students must arrive at Sunshine School by 9:00am on this day. Students will arrive back at Sunshine School around 4:00PM. 

  • AM/PM PART TIME STUDENTS: Part-time students who wish to participate in the field trip may contact our program director at (408) 839-8366 to check for availability. A $40 fee will be added to your account for part-time students who wish to attend the field trips. 

  • For both field trips, parents, please remember to pack a lunch for your child and have students wear their Sunshine t-shirt. Students who do not wear their Sunshine t-shirt or pack a lunch will not be allowed on the field trip. Also remember to have your children eat breakfast at home on field trip and school event days. 

  • Field Trip & Event Policy - If a student misbehaves during their field trip or school event, he or she is not allowed to attend the next week's field trip or school event as a consequence.

                                                                      Spirit Days

The first week's Spirit Day is on Thursday, June 13th! Celebrate Pajama Day by coming to school in your pajamas or loungewear!


                                                            Summer Program FAQs

Which class should my child go to? 
Sunshine Summer Camp assigns the kids into different age groups according to the grade that they are entering in Fall 2024. You may view the roster for Week 1 here: Week 1 Summer Roster


Where do I drop off my children in the morning?

  • On the FIRST DAY of the program - Monday, June 10th
    You will spot Sunshine Staff at the Vinci Park Lunch Tables (1311 Vinci Park Way, San Jose, CA 95131). Here, we will sign-in your children, pass out name tags and Sunshine t-shirts, as well as complete any missing paperwork. If you arrive after 9:30am on the first day, please drop your children off directly at their classroom location. 
  • Please use the following campus map to find your child's classroom: Campus Map
  • After the first day of the program - Tuesday, June 11th and onward
    Parents may drop their children off directly at the appropriate classroom. 
  • Please be sure to check-in with a Sunshine teacher when dropping off and picking up your child(ren). 

Does my child have to sign in and sign out when he/she comes to Sunshine?
For the safety of our students, our teachers will be signing students in and out everyday. Please sign the Sign-in/Sign-out Authorization Form and bring it to Sunshine on your child's first day, or email the completed form to Sunshine families who have already submitted a form, do not need to resubmit another form. 

Please be sure to check-in with a Sunshine teacher when dropping off and picking up your child(ren). 

What are the hours and tuition for Summer Camp?


As a friendly reminder, please drop off and pick up your children within our hours of operation. Sunshine School Summer Program operating hours are 8:30am - 6pm. If a child is dropped off early or picked up later than the scheduled time, families shall be assessed a fine of $1.00 per minute for each minute early/late.                   

What should my child bring to Summer Camp?

  • Bring SUNBLOCK and a HAT (labeled with your child's name) everyday. 
  • 2 CUPS AND 2 BOWLS (labeled with your child's name) for breakfast, lunch, and snack time everyday. Sunshine wants to go green! Help us in our efforts to become less wasteful!
  • Bring a BAGGED LUNCH (on field trip and school event days).
  • In addition to these items, Kindergarten students will need to bring ONE CHANGE OF CLOTHES to keep at Sunshine in their cubby.

What are the extracurricular classes?
A list of extracurricular classes and starting dates can be found here: Extracurricular Classes. Please register for extracurricular classes using the Google form below OR ask for a hard copy of the registration form from our staff on the first day. Please submit your Extracurricular Registration along with your payment by Friday, June 14th to reserve your spot. 

                                               Extracurricular Registration Form

What if my child misses one or two extracurricular classes due to sickness or vacation?
Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds, transfer of tuition or make up classes for missed classes due to any type of absence. Summer Extracurricular Classes will run from the Week 2 to Week 9 of our Summer Program. We suggest that families sign up for these classes only if they have signed up to attend our Summer Program for the entire Summer, as classes cannot be paid per week/session. 

How do I stay updated with news in the Sunshine Summer Program?
Sunshine School will broadcast frequent newsletters to keep parents updated. Please let your classroom teacher know if you are not able to receive our newsletter. We will also provide announcements and reminders on various white boards that will be posted in front of Sunshine classrooms. Don't forget to take a look at the white board for daily news when you pick up your child!

Is there an additional fee for the field trips?
There are absolutely no additional fees required for students who are enrolled in the full-time program. If your child is a part time student and is interested in participating in any of our field trips/school events, please contact our offices to check for availability. For every field trip and school event day, all students will need to bring a bagged lunch and wear their Sunshine T-shirt.

Who should I ask if I have questions, comments, or suggestions?
Please call the Sunshine School Office at (408) 839-8366. You can also email us at 

                                                            Summer Program Reminders
  • JUNE TUITION for our Sunshine Summer Program was due on May 31st. Families who have not paid their June tuition yet are able to do so online through their Sunshine Account, or drop off a check at our office. 
  • Please alert our staff of any ALLERGIES (food or medicine) when you drop off your child on their first day of the Sunshine Summer Program.
  • For parents who registered before the Early Bird Special deadlines and have not received their bonus item(s), your child will receive the items at the end of their first day in the Sunshine Summer Program. 
  • Workbooks that were purchased or received as an early bird gift will be kept in the your child's classroom for daily use. 
  • If you haven't already, please make sure all your Summer Program forms have been submitted before your child's first day of the Summer Program.


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After School: (408) 839-8366

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